Saturday, September 11, 2010

Interview blogger (Marla Singer)

finally interview with a stylish person from Indonesia, and this is conversation with her.she is Marla singer from Versicle

What does Versicle mean?
It's a bit weird because what I saw in Wikipedia, I found that 'Versicle' means a short verse said or sung by a priest or minister in public worship and followed by a response from the congregation. I have no idea about that. I found the word from a dictionary, love it, and put it up as my blog-name. Besides, what's in a name anyway? =D

What does your blog mean in your life??Well, I just want to share my personal style, with little stories, random thoughts, and inspiration. I'm not really a social-networking type of person but blogging activity could help me to meet everyone in the same fashion boat and it means a lot because fashion is my passion. Also, reading lovely comments from my readers always be my fave part of blogging. The sweet readers could truly make my day =D
Who are your favourite local and international bloggers?
My local faves include Diana of Hot Chocolate and Mint, Claradevi of Sunflares Plethora, and Nina of Fashion Suicide. While, my fave international bloggers are Louise of Pandora, Chantal of Cocorosa, Liz of Late Afternoon, and Betty of Le Blog de Betty.

Who usually takes your photo??
my work mate, Guruh =]

What is your favourite stuff?? (you mean in general or in my closet? here goes my reply in general)
Hats. I'm not a jewelry person type with tons of bangles, rings, and necklaces on my body but I'm a huge fan of hats and scarves to spice up the plain outfits.

What is your favourite trend in 2010??
Nude and pastel shades. I happened to wear lots of black because I'm not this 'bold-color' person. When the trends came out, I'm so glad that I could get rid of my black clothes and incorporate natural and soft colors into my wardrobe because those colors suit my skin tone and I like the soft and girly feeling of nudes and pastels.

Where do you buy all of your stuff??
Topshop, Miss Selfridge, and Zara for high-street brands. Ebay and Etsy for vintage finds or just random stuffs that can't be found in Indonesia. Also, thrift stores and vintage shops for my treasure-hunting hobby.

What do you like about thrift shopping??
Well, when you find something unique with ridiculously cheap price and people get jealous of your great finds, that would be my total guilty pleasure. Hahaha. And my style is mix of vintage and contemporary so I could represent my style through the vintage clothes that I mix with high street brands instead of just being too trendy with head-to-toe 'it' stuffs. I'm actually a bit old-fashioned anyway.

Which one do you choose, clothes/bag/shoes?? Why??
Shoes. Even simple outfit would look amazing if it goes with right shoes.
which city would you like to visit for a fashion show??
Paris, for sure. I love Paris fashion week and most of my fave designers are involved in Paris fashion week. Also, Parisian style is more chic and classy with a twist. Even sometimes... unpredictable.
and this some pic her

Thanks Marla from conversation.
and thanks all from read my blog


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