Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 for 2010

memories in 2010

*Create a new blog, and change the blog long after that I became more diligent in writing blogs. from here I got friends - new friends and to interact with all the bloggers in the world is fun.

*More often smile and say thank you initially may be due to the demands of work but I became accustomed to and it was very enjoyable.

*Create a small online store that is juicheorange.

*Can buy a gadget with the hard work of my own thing for me really proud.

*Get a chance to celebrate the Idul Fitri and holidays at jakarta met my best friend, idul fitri with my big family.

*Become a student get a lot of new friends and get new boyfriend.

*My brother finally got married with his ex-girlfriend, congratulations to my brother.

*Get a chance to become a contributor on the website gogirlmagz and see my photo in the magazine as streetstyle is a very pleasant thing.

*For the first time I photographed by a photographer, thank you very much for your help my boyfriend.

*Get a special prize from the end of my best friend a jacket the national team, something that I dreamed of. thanks aditya.

actually there are many more beautiful things that have happened in 2010 that I can not say all. thanks to all especially big thanks to ALLAH for everything that you gave.



fhen said...

your 2010 seems so great!
goodluck with the store ya
all the best for 2011

Christine said...

Sounds good :)

Happy New Year to you too!

Christine x

Rania said...

Happy new year!Hope you accomplish all your goals!

Rebecca Clairine said...

sounds good !


visit mine ?

Tabitha said...

happy new year dear..
goodluck for your resolution..


Agora tô pronta said...

Love the blog! Very good ♥
Following each other? What do you think?

Kiss Kiss Van ♥

Winnie said...

You seem to have had a fantastic 2010.

Happy New Year, hope 2011 proves to be even better for you!

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